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Causeway Coast Hypnotherapy is spreading its wings!

I’m excited and so grateful to Paul at Zen in Broughshane for inviting me to deliver hypnotherapy sessions from his beautiful shop and holistic business premises for Causeway Coast Hypnotherapy.

Zen is located at 9 Mill Lane, Raceview Mill in the beautiful village of Broughshane.

The therapy space at Zen is calming and private, so the ideal location for the relaxing and transformative hypnotic treatments that I provide.

Paul offers a wide range of holistic treatment including Reiki and crystal healing alongside selling beautiful products in his shop.

If you’re in the Ballymena area and are interested in how hypnotherapy can help you achieve positive change in your life and support you on your path to conquering bad habits or self-defeating behaviours please visit my website on:

Hypnotherapy is successful in treating anxiety and stress, sleep problems, weight loss, smoking cessation, managing symptoms of menopause and many others.

Visit Causeway Coast Hypnotherapy to see the services I offer, reviews from clients and to have a look at my blogs.

Any queries drop me an email at or send me a message through Facebook.

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