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Fancy a taster session?

As we all know, Coronovirus has certainly changed the way we work, shop, communicate and learn over the past eighteen months or so, and I'm being asked more often to do Hypnotherapy sessions online.

The online sessions are just as effective as in-person and clients who've tried them report them as having the same benefits and results as the in-person sessions, and all from the comfort of your own sofa, no travelling on darker nights and the added plus of wearing your pj's if you like!

I've decided to run an online taster session so that you can give Hypnotherapy a try and see if it's right for you-or even if you're just a bit curious about it all.

The taster session will walk you through the hypnotic technique, give you a feeling of the trance state and give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of relaxation first-hand.

The session will last approximately an hour, with time for questions and feedback, an explanation of the uses and benefits of Hypnotherapy and a relaxing hypnosis of about fifteen minutes where you will experience the feeling of total relaxation for yourself. Plus you'll sleep like a baby afterwards!

The taster session will cost £10.00 each and this will be deducted from the cost of a course of treatment sessions if you decide that Hypnotherapy is the right fit for you.

More details to come in the next couple of weeks, I'm planning to run the first taster session around the end of October.

Send me a email if you're interested in giving it a try or if you have any questions on: or message me through my Facebook page.

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