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Valentine's, Galentine's or Palentine's?!

A quick reminder that whether you’re all loved-up or all out of love that self-love is the best gift that you can give to yourself.

Self-love isn’t vain, it’s not selfish, it’s actually the most self-less thing that you can do for yourself and everyone else.

We can feel love for ourselves more deeply when our lives are less cluttered, when we’re not preoccupied with doing things out of obligation, out of fear of disappointing others or fear of failure.

So, whatever you call February 14th, remember to love yourself first, you deserve it and yes, you are lovable.

Don’t allow those negative thoughts and beliefs to tell you otherwise, you are loved, kind, important and attractive just as you are and you don’t need someone else to tell you that.

If you’re struggling with negative thoughts or unhelpful stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy can re-frame these thoughts and improve your self-esteem and confidence so that you can believe in yourself and thrive again.

So, buy yourself flowers, soak in a bubble bath or binge watch your favourite TV programme and remember, it’s just another Monday!

Check out the treatments available or send me a message at:

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